First Flight

I think people forget how fascinating it is to fly. Maybe because this is my first flight in four years, but come on. You’re sitting in a gigantic metal manmade structure that is going to jump into the air and cruise around above the clouds at like 33000 feet. That should make up for the fact that you don’t have much legroom. (as a side note, first class vs. economy class is like, How the Other Half Lives. Guess which half I’m in?)

So by a lovely miracle of the Universe, I got the window seat, and no one was sitting in the middle seat next to me. However, I didn’t get to my blessed window seat without some difficulty… I pretty much single-handedly held up the entire once-smoothly-flowing boarding of the plane as I struggled like the noob that I am to put my carry-on in the overhead compartment. Some big buff dude had to do it. Then I proceeded to stuff myself past the old lady in the aisle seat who looked PISSED. Well sucks for you lady. At least there was an empty seat between us!

Anyway, here I was with my face smashed up against the window as if James Franco were on the other side. The Universe loves me, and I had the seat not right on top of, but slightly behind the wing. THIS MEANT I GOT TO WATCH IT FLEX AND DO COOL THINGS. Seriously, flying is awesome! It’s like the pinnacle of human innovation and ingenuity and badassery (along with, you know, planetary exploration and rocket science). Anyway again. The engines came on with a roaring growl and we were booking it down the tarmac thingy. (*side note, my command of airplane terminology is incredibly ignorant, so pretty much the words taxi, tarmac, terminal, gate, check bag, boarding pass, and EVERYTHING ELSE mean basically the same thing to me. *\endsidenote) The panels of the wing were flexing and then suddenly—we’re going up! (I’m tempted to Ray-Bradbury-ify my diction here in this description with lots of dashes and interjections and a significant lack of capitalization, but that would be too much. I think I cringed just thinking it. I hate you Ray Bradbury.)

The following paragraph is just a play-by-play of our takeoff, so feel free to skip it. So we raced up into the air, and since there were low clouds over LAX, I could see the streamline of thick white air going over the wing! So naturally, I thought of airfoils and complex integration! (shout out to mah homeboy Niles Pierce <33) Then we broke the low clouds and flew over the Pacific between the clouds below and another layer of clouds above (all the more inspiring to study atmospheres) (also sorry Melissa if you’re reading this). The sun was saying goodbye and it was so RED! It soaked through the horizon and was so beautiful. The plane turned and headed back over LA. I never noticed how brightly lit sports fields are until I realized how clearly I can see them in a low plane. Then we went back up through the clouds and on to London.

Also, I must mention that the two French teenagers behind me smelled bad. Just thought you should know.


2 thoughts on “First Flight

  1. OMG, it’s in the blood! Of course you didn’t know that flying is my first love. Well, not just riding but piloting. I actually have an A&P license (i.e., FAA awarded me the license after passing their exams and now qualified to repair airplanes. A&P = Airframe and Powerplant (engines)! Aahh! I’m so glad you’re having a great time and it’s just the start. Let your soul soar!

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