For your entertainment cause I know you miss me already

I’m in Denmark now, and I have a bunch of posts I’ve written about everything that’s happened so far. But, they’re stuck on my macbook, which needs a different voltage adapter. Like for real, can we all just collectively as a human species decide to go metric and use the same voltage everywhere? So until that happens, I have a question for you.

How do you pronounce “Islands Brygge” ? Don’t look it up. Just guess and say it in your head so you don’t feel stupid saying it out loud.


Did you say: i-lands brig? (typing that made me feel like a voice-activated GPS robot or something. “Siri, call mom.” “Did you say: RHINOCEROS?!” like no wtf)


It’s “ees-lands broy-ga.” And hack up a bunch of phlegm with that “r.”

It’s the neighborhood I live near on the island of Amager (“ah-ma,” not “a-ma-grr.” It’s levi-OHHH-sa, not levioSAAAAA). It’s not *really* an island in the sense of like, you know, Hawaii or something, but there’s a canal that separates it from the other slightly larger islands. THE MORE YOU KNOW~

Longer and probably less entertaining posts to come.


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