Stranded in London

Grrrr. I missed my connection. After having an awesome first-flight-in-four-years experience, London Heathrow International managed to completely kill my buzz. First there was an unexplained fire alarm that delayed us from getting into the terminal for 30 minutes. Then we had to wait for the bus TO the terminal, and right when I was about to get on it became full and I had to wait another 10ish minutes for the next one. Then there was the mom and dad with their baby in front of me at the security bag check who didn’t speak much English and held everything up. (fun fact, at LHR when you have edible liquids going through the security check, they make you taste it in front of them to ensure it’s not poison or acid or whatever. I thought that was hilarious.) I’m pretty cranky, given that I missed my flight by like 10 minutes. GAH! Just a few minutes!

Luckily, my mentor in Copenhagen is awesome and she is still going to pick me up–even though I’m three hours later than I thought I would be. Yay for Danes being nice people 🙂 And once I get there, I’ll be there for five months. I just have to get there first -___-

Long story short: LAX >>>> LHR.


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