The Morning Rise

(This is from the morning of Tues July 23, a few hours after I got into Copenhagen)

Even though I had stayed up through most of my flights and my body should have been dying to sleep as soon as I went to bed at 23:00 (the rest of the world is on 24-hour time, I gotta get used to it!), I still woke up at 3:10 with that feeling of, “yeah there’s no way I’m getting back to bed.” So, duh, writing time.

First of all, I am staying at Tietgen Kollegiet, which, a friend once told me, looks like Architectural Digest and an Ikea catalog had a baby. That pretty much sums it up. It’s a gigantic torus-shaped dormitory with a large grass area on the inside. All of the student rooms face outward toward the surrounding area, and all of the common rooms like the kitchens and patios face inwards. The ground floor has a gym, study rooms, laundry rooms, etc. It’s ridiculously pretty, and quite surreal.


Copenhagen itself is actually quite surreal, even though I’ve only been here for like two hours. When Sarah (my mentor) picked me up from the airport, we took a bus then walked through Amager to get to Tietgen. Two girls, walking around these cobbled sidewalks lined with giant brick buildings, at almost 11pm. So different from LA. Especially different in the fact that I didn’t feel like we were going to get stabbed or anything.

So now, I’m sitting in a weird-but-comfy chair that seems to have been made for Mike Wazowski, next to my floor to ceiling window. When I got to my room, the first thing I did was look outside the window, and the first thing I saw was like INFINITE AMOUNTS OF GIGANTIC SPIDERS. Fun fact: Danish windows don’t have screens. So the window stays closed for now.


Something does not belong in this photo.

It faces East, or so I assume, because the sky is reddening and lightening there. At four in the morning! The latitude of this city means that it doesn’t get dark until 10, and even then the sky is like a dark blue, not closer to black like I’m used to (insert joke about light pollution here). But I think also the sun takes longer to rise and set. It is a very strange feeling, because I guess you take the speed of the sunrise and set for granted—you know how those pretty few minutes before sunrise make the transition from dark night to early morning very quick? Well here, the sky feels frozen because a time of day that was once minutes to me is now about an hour. Strange. But it’s fine, because this is one of my favorite times of day so now I can enjoy it for longer!Image

Anyway enough weather-patterns ranting. It’s just so quiet here. I’d love to open the window to hear the sounds of the morning, but those dang spiders would love that too.


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