Transportation Triumphs

Okay, first of all, I promise not all of my blog posts will be titled with cheesy alliterations. Just a vast majority of them.


I’m sure it’s actually very easy if you’re a normal person, but Lori-of-suburbia was slightly terrified of getting on a bus. Especially a bus where all of the stops look like “rysverghyvnervej” (which might actually mean something in Danish) and my stop was “Rævehøjvej” (which means fox hill road, so my friend tells me. I also learned how to pronounce it but I forgot). Also, I didn’t know how or where to buy a punch card. And with the lack of a data plan comes the lack of Google Maps. Thus, after triple-checking that I should take the Islands Brygge Metro M1 to the Nørreport Station and then the 150S bus to Rævehøjvej… I set out into the world!!

And it was fine 🙂 It took me a while and a lot of asking random people, but I did it! I feel triumphant. Also, while I can’t speak for the buses, the Metro here is exactly like the one in LA! So I felt super comfortable after I took it once.

Hey, time for more Danish language fun, something that I thought was funny: when I wanted to ask the bus driver if the bus went to Nørreport on the way back, I realized that I couldn’t really pronounce it correctly, and thus she couldn’t understand me and I had to write it down. lol. You’d think it’s “nor-re-port” right? It’s actually something like “neur-poh” but with an intense accent. Again, the phlegm with the “r.” ha. I love this place.


One thought on “Transportation Triumphs

  1. You’re so funny Lori. I had fun reading your blog. I know you’ll do great in Denmark. Enjoy and keep us posted huh!

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