The Week in Pictures

Sorry I’m so slow at uploading pictures, but here are some random ones from throughout my week.



"why are you taking a picture of a FIELD?!"

“why are you taking a picture of a FIELD?!”

THIS IS THE AWESOME FIELD THAT I THOUGHT WAS REALLY PRETTY. But Gandalf and Du laughed at me. “It’s just a field!” Hahaha.


2013-07-24 16.13.41


Here’s a Danish beach!!!


2013-07-24 19.07.15


This is Gandalf and Du making dinner at DTU.


2013-07-24 19.07.33


Nom so many veggies


2013-07-25 13.24.27


The weather for the last week has been incredibly sunny (apparently this is rare for CPH) and hot, but it did drizzle one day, and I thought it was gorgeous.


2013-07-25 17.58.04


Right behind Tietgen is Amagerfælled, a GIGANTIC park full of wildlife and running trails. I went for a walk through it one evening.


2013-07-25 17.58.59


Um like the biggest snail of life, with shoe for comparison.


2013-07-26 14.27.24


On an average day, I will go on Yelp in the morning and find a coffee place in a neighborhood I want to go to, then memorize the directions and walk there (remember, no Google Maps!). This coffee and chocolate croissant was from Sweet Treat in Christianshavn, and I sat outside reading a book while I ate and drank. Wonderful day.


2013-07-26 16.29.50


This is a church I stumbled upon during my wandering in Christianshavn.


2013-07-27 14.18.26

On Saturday, Sarah and her friend Sofie took me to a traditional Danish lunch in another neighborhood, Vesterbro. We had smørrebrød, which is an open-face sandwich usually on rugbrød (rye bread). I had a smørrebrød with eggs benedict and bacon (the one in the center) and it was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten!! And yes, mom, that is beer.


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