Muscle Memory


Today was my first day of Danish classes!!

But I’ll back up — before that, we celebrated Jenna’s birthday. She’s the other international student in Kokken 12.4 (kitchen 12.4), and in traditional kitchen style, her neighbors in the hallway made her birthday breakfast.




There were homemade bagels, pancakes, fruit, lots of little Danish flags (which are put out to signify that it’s someone’s birthday, and consequently partying is imminent), and of course, the obligatory and awful birthday shot of Gammel Dansk. At 8:15am! The Danes go hard.

After breakfast, Jenna and I headed off to our first day of our “intensive Danish language course!” (My classroom was on the sixth floor, making me just a little nostalgic for the stairs of Baxter lecture hall.)

And wow, it was fast! We learned so much in only a couple hours — a quick run-through of basic pronunciation, the numbers from 1-20, and some basic introductory sentences like, “Hi, my name is ____,” “Where are you from?” etc. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but when your tongue is not trained to make sounds like “ø,” and “y” is approximately pronounced like “oo,” you verbally trip a lot. But I think it’s fascinating. The tongue is a muscle, and mine is only trained in English! I think Brand New might say it best… “your tongue is a rudder / it steers the whole ship / sends your words past your lips / or keeps them safe behind your teeth.” 🙂

I love how quick our pace is. A friend once told me that the best way to learn something is to absolutely throw yourself into it headfirst, and I completely agree. Sink or swim! In addition, I really like the teaching style. We spend our time interactively practicing with the instructor, breaking off into discussion groups, and taking breaks every hour. Professor Johnson, you would have been very proud.

When I got back from class, Katja and Phillip were playing on a slackline in the courtyard:

2013-08-01 12.44.49

They helped me practice my Danish pronunciation for hours, being really nice and patient. It also led to lots of hilarious moments, and this song:

(I don’t understand how a cow can play the harp, but we’ll not question that for now.)

After we practiced, we went to the store and got DANISHES!! So my question of cannibalism has been answered: yes, a Dane eating a danish is cannibalism, and they don’t even care. haha. BUT! I ordered mine… IN DANISH! Which I am very proud of 🙂

2013-08-01 15.12.49


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  1. like!

    I also like the new white background. Remember, while everyone else is putting pastels on white, and gray on black, you can never go wrong with black text on a white bg.

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