The Hottest Day of the Year



Okay okay. I mean no disrespect to the Danish language, but two things:

2013-08-02 10.17.15


1. I think my textbook was made in Microsoft Word with the drawing tools.

2. I couldn’t stop internally giggling at “pause slut.” That’s like some kind of ratchet Southern California way of saying “halt, fiend!” (pause actually means pause, or break, and then slut means like, the end) trolololol


Okay, all ridiculousness aside, yesterday (Aug 2) was supposedly the hottest day of the year in DK, so some friends in my kitchen (hallway) and I went to the beach!

2013-08-02 13.47.32

This is Amager Strand, a beach which is pretty close to where I live. It’s near the airport so you can always see planes landing, and you can also see the Øresund bridge to Sweden!

Katja and I went in the water and threw a ball around—and I had to count in Danish the number of times we caught the ball. So now I can count to 100 in Danish! 🙂

We were hanging out in the sun eating Snickers ice cream bars when Katja described the day as being “hyggelig.” This is a Danish word that doesn’t really have a direct translation in English. I think it can be approximated as the feeling you get when you’re having a good relaxing time with friends. But if my approximation is correct, then it most certainly was a hyggelig day.


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