IKEA Adventures

On Monday (mandag), Gandalf, Du, and I went to IKEA. My mission—to spend as little money as possible while obtaining several key things for my bedroom.

First, it is important to know this map:

Floor Plan of IKEA

(indgang = entrance, udgang = exit, and the yellow dot is the thing you want to buy)

Okay, now that that is cleared up—we tore the place apart looking for cheap things, and it was great. There was a $1 pillow (which was literally the crappiest pillow in the universe) and I got a blanket for like $9! Success!

I got really tired near the end of our epic journey through Swedish minimalism, so of course, coffee. And lo and behold, the cafe in IKEA sold a refillable cup for LESS THAN $1!!!!!!! I was super excited and drank half of it right away, and then it was time to go. As I was walking to the bus stop, the bus was just pulling up to the curb, so I started running towards it. Now, just walking with an open cup of coffee without spilling it is difficult, so my running needed to be quite artistic to preserve my precious drink. I made it to the bus, filled with a strong sense of awesomeness that I had managed to both catch the bus and not spill my coffee.

Victorious, I was about to get on when the driver said NO YOU CAN’T BRING THAT IN HERE. Seriously?! After that extraordinary sprint that I just demonstrated? So now I was faced with a decision that I had to make very quickly—abandon my half-empty cheap-ass coffee and jump on the bus, or wait around 20 minutes for the next one?

…Uh, what kind of question is that? Would you abandon your best friend to save 20 minutes? Of course not!


(I may have just anthropomorphized coffee… oh dear)


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