Another Week in Pictures

2013-08-03 11.36.02

3/8/2013: (12pm) Don’t ask.

2013-08-07 15.30.47

7/8/2013: I was walking through the city center when I ran into Katja! She was headed to go study, but we still stopped to grab a danish together 🙂

2013-08-07 19.05.10

7/8/2013: My first Common Dinner! One or two people in the hallway will choose a night to cook for everyone, and then we all sit and eat together. Hyggelig, you might say 😉 Palmhøj is an excellent cook!!

2013-08-08 10.07.29

8/8/2013: And when it looks like this outside,

2013-08-08 14.43.25

You bake banana chocolate chip cookies!

2013-08-08 21.29.41

Katja er det bedste lærer 😉 ((did I say that right?))

2013-08-09 14.15.23

9/8/2013: Hey look, Murriel is here!!

2013-08-10 13.52.43

10/8/2013: The strange things you see while walking through CPH

2013-08-10 20.06.11 2013-08-10 20.06.17 2013-08-10 20.17.22

Murriel and I went for a nice dinner on the waterfront at Nyhavn on Saturday night.

2013-08-11 12.34.25

11/8/2013: Look at these cool swings in Christianshavn! (Thanks Anthony ;P)


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