First day of school!!! … sorta

My 12 year old sister had some advice for me, when I told her that I would be having my first day of school today: “Don’t wear anything cute on the first day. Wait a few days, and everyone else will run out of cute stuff and then you’ll be like BAM, ALL CUTE!”

Ah yes, wisdom out of the mouths of babes. So I made extra sure to dress as disgustingly as possible.

Look mom, I took a "first day of school" picture for you :)

Look mom, I took a “first day of school” picture for you 🙂

I have been so excited to start school! This afternoon I had Planetary Physics at DTU. And being the good nerd that I am, I arrived about an hour early to my class. 🙂

2013-09-04 11.42.23


The textbook store

The textbook store

2013-09-04 12.19.57



This is the DTU campus. It is incredibly pretty, and is probably double the size of Caltech. As different as it is, DTU actually reminds me a lot of Caltech: people with books on transport chemistry and quantum mechanics, buildings like the National Space Institute and the Mechanical Engineering Department, and lots of attractive nerds (okay, maybe only half of that one applies to Caltech). I feel extraordinarily comfortable there.

I got to my class a bit early and began to talk to some of the other guys who had gotten there before me (?!). I mentioned that my Danish wasn’t so good, and then they kind of paused and informed me politely that the class was a Bachelor’s level course, and thus it was going to be taught in Danish (only Master’s level classes are in English). So, unfortunately, there was no way I could take it—but no matter! All science is fascinating and I could find something else. 🙂

So my first day of school wasn’t really a first day of school. But I found another class to sign up for, and it’s actually not planetary at all; it’s an introduction to systems biology. I think biology is really interesting, and I’m strongly considering doing something astrobiology-related in grad school, so I’m sure this will be fun. 😀


Completely unrelated: if you’ve been around me for more than five minutes you know how much I hate those ridiculous “baby on board” car stickers. APPARENTLY THEY EXIST IN DANISH (though not an exact translation) TOO:

2013-09-04 12.19.41



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