The Weather Clock*

It is 90˚F (32˚C) in Riverside today.

So that means more nice pictures of how great it is outside here in Denmark! 😀 I’m not sure if everyone is interested in weather this much, or if it’s just me because I like atmospheric dynamics. Anyway, weather you like it or not, here’s how my week has looked in this foreign (read: FREEZING) September.

It’s 55˚F (15˚C) right now. My brain is slightly confused as to why there are no lights and carols and trees and things, because to me this feels a lot like Christmastime, back home 😛 Being from California, I do not get the concept of “seasons.” But seriously, you know how in Harry Potter they turn on the spot to apparate? That’s kind of how I feel—I just turned around and suddenly I’ve been transported to this thing called autumn, and I’m just like WHAT IS THIS LEAF-COLOR-CHANGING PHENOMENON YOU SPEAK OF, I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

2013-09-10 11.45.36

Exhibit A

I’ve also discovered how cold your ears can get when you have a minimal amount of hair over them. I’m not sure why I chose to have the shortest hair of my life in the coldest place of my life. BUT on the positive side, I have discovered the amazing power of (cute) scarves!!

2013-09-16 18.41.57

Nothin’ like the Copenhagen clouds

2013-09-16 11.03.05

Rainy day at DTU

2013-09-17 12.15.13

This is the view from my new favorite coffee shop, Kaffebaren På Amager. It’s rather cheap, has excellent Wi-Fi, and is really creatively decorated.

2013-09-17 14.04.11


2013-09-19 10.07.35

I’ve also taken to hanging out in this cemetery (which I originally thought was a park. Which it is, just plus dead people), called Vor Frelsers Kierkegaard. It’s gorgeous and really peaceful, great place to read. It’s also super close to the aforementioned beloved coffee shop!

2013-09-19 10.07.44

More cemetery view

2013-09-19 10.07.58

It’s kind of a random place for a cemetery because it’s surrounded by the typical Copenhagen red brick apartments. But that’s why I like it so much!

2013-09-19 10.31.33

I don’t know why, but it’s like colors get amplified here. I took all of these pictures with my phone camera and they’re just SO bright.

2013-09-19 13.21.34

The sky out in Vestamager.

Okay, I promise my next post will have more than just pictures. It’ll have Vikings and Søren Kierkegaard!

*one of my favorite albums, by July Skies


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