Cayucas and Kierkegaard

2013-09-17 21.38.10


This past Tuesday I went to a small concert by a band called Cayucas. I had never heard them before, but the advertisement for the show said they were from San Luis Obispo, one of the most lovely places in California.

I really enjoyed the music; it was very beachy and sunny. If you’ve been to SLO, then just think about what kind of music would describe the town, and that’s exactly the kind of sound the band had. I went to chat with them after the show, and they knew where Pasadena is! 😀 It was like a tiny taste of home.

This week I also went with my philosophy class on a “city walk” to see sites frequented by Søren Kierkegaard. In a very Socratic style, he would wander the streets of Copenhagen (err… København), stopping people to talk. He would make an effort to remember people and what they had discussed, and think on it so that he would have new insights the next time they met. This was kind of an inspiring concept to me. And as Copenhagen hasn’t changed much since Kierkegaard was alive, we were essentially walking the same paths he did.

2013-09-16 18.12.26

I had to leave early because I had another class that same evening, but I did get to go to Kierkegaard’s birthplace, or what’s left of it. The house that was there is now a bank, and there was a nice public outhouse right nearby that gave the area the most pungent fragrance of sewage. So it goes.



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