Current Life Soundtrack

Earlier I posted about how certain music can become associated with times and places, so I thought I’d write about the stuff I’ve been listening to in Denmark. Not all of it is Danish, but it’ll all become inevitably correlated with my time here! (inspired by Prof. Johnson’s “morning music break” posts)


Rangleklods — a Danish band from Copenhagen that I am absolutely in love with (tak, Frede and Nis). I went to see them live at a venue called Nemoland in Christiania.


Marvelous Mosell — a catchy and brilliant Danish rapper. I got to see him perform earlier in August and it was a completely packed show. (again thanks Frede and Nis!)


Crystal Castles — Electronic, fuzzy, and unpredictable; I was first introduced to this Canadian duo by Mike back home, but for some reason here in Denmark I’ve been listening to them constantly.


The Shins — I’ve always been a huge fan of The Shins’ first album, Oh Inverted World, but lately I can’t stop listening to Wincing the Night Away.


And of course, there’s this ridiculously catchy Norwegian song that has gone absolutely viral in Scandinavia and also in the US. (tak, Zinck and Lisa)


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