Man… or ASTRO-MAN?!








This last Sunday I went to a show by a band called Man or Astro Man. In a really interesting sci-fi style called space rock, they use a blend of intensely catchy guitar riffs, synthetic sounds, and astro themes. So naturally, I loved it! The band introduced themselves as aliens from “deep in outer space.” They looked curiously humanoid, though.

2013-10-13 21.08.02

2013-10-13 21.22.17

2013-10-13 21.35.07

2013-10-13 21.38.24

2013-10-13 21.14.48

2013-10-13 22.06.55

At the end, the extremely sweaty drummer took apart his set, ran into the audience and stacked all of his drums in the middle of everyone, and ran a drum stick through the top (excuse my hideous terminology, I don’t know what any of it is actually called). All in all, a really badass show. 🙂



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