A Life Update Part 1: The External

There are a lot of exchange students who use every free day of the week for traveling, each time to some new country across Europe, each time returning a little hungover and a little more broke. And please, don’t get me wrong, I love and encourage travel, but every weekend?

Again, I love travel and exploration, but on an average day, I like using my time to get to know where I live: discovering cool coffee shops to frequent or finding the grocery stores with the best prices, or making friendships with the Danes. Regardless, when the other students come back from their excursions, they always have infinite exciting stories to tell about how lost they got in Paris, or how good the chocolate and beer were in Germany.

And sometimes I feel a bit lame in comparison. My posting on this blog has become exponentially more sucky in frequency, and I apologize to anyone (probably just my mom) who has been waiting for all of my new exciting stories. In the first couple months of moving here, everything was new and novel, and thus I had blog material overflowing out of my brain. But I guess the reality of living in a different place is that (again, as tautological as it sounds) you live there. It’s not just a vacation. My average interactions with the universe are just that: average. I go to the store, I go to class, I read, I get stuck behind slow people on bikes, and I believe strongly in Taco Tuesdays.

So while it might mean less blog posts, I kind of like settling down into this daily Danish life thing.


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