Danish Thanksgiving

This year was my first Thanksgiving as the solo project manager! It’s one of the few very “American” traditions that I am really fond of, so I wanted to do it well, but the thought of tackling an enormous dead bird and all of the other side dishes and accessories was quite daunting. Not to mention I’ve been pretty sick this past week. So of course, I planned ahead and made a bunch of lists! And with a few emails back and forth with mom, I set out on Thursday morning all fresh with holiday spirit and whatnot. And thankfully, the sun decided to shine the whole day.

The first thing was the turkey. Around this time in the US, literally every single grocery store is stocked with a seemingly infinite supply of these hapless birds. But of course, in Denmark, it’s a little more difficult. I did manage to find a nice turkey at a gorgeous market called Torvehallerne—a bit expensive of course, but that’s just how Scandinavia rolls.

2013-11-28 10.18.47 2013-11-28 10.14.03 2013-11-28 10.13.56

Boom. After picking up a round of brie cheese, I jumped back on the metro armed with my 8 lb dead bird (and I have never felt more like Patrick Bateman.)

I really didn’t have much clue of what I was doing when I roasted the turkey, and plus I didn’t have a lot of random things like metal skewers or string to make it look all nice. Soooo I’m just not going to post a picture 🙂 But let’s just say that it ended up okay.

I kept the rest of the menu really minimalistic, but there were a few things I could not cut because WHAT is Thanksgiving without stuffing?!?!? I decided to make mine from scratch. And the cranberry sauce too!

2013-11-28 13.11.42 2013-11-28 13.11.51 2013-11-28 14.31.56

Something I decided to try this year was making baked brie with apple compote. A bit unconventional for Thanksgiving, but it just sounded so good. And I think it turned out ridiculously well.

2013-11-27 20.30.22 2013-11-28 11.36.16 2013-11-28 11.47.192013-11-28 19.56.44


And of course, it was necessary to have the most classy napkins in existence:

2013-11-28 19.20.53


Very hygge. While it was a bit unconventional, I think my Danish Thanksgiving was much more of a success than I expected.